talent management

Attract talented profiles, provide an environment to help them develop their talents and exceed their objectives.

  • Recruitment
  • Improve turnover and retention by attracting the right profiles
  • Reduce recruitment costs and time-to-recruit while improving quality of services for both managers and applicants
  • Improve brand visibility and image on the employment market
  • Generate job postings on multiple career sites, provide powerful talent search and matching functionality, screening & assessment capability, applicant tracking & communication, interview & offer management, onboarding and reporting & analytics
  • Enable internal and external candidates to manage their personal profiles, search and keep updated with the latest opportunities, apply for jobs and track application progress
  • Learning Management
  • Improve workforce performance by offering personalized learning activities
  • Provide greater flexibility and reduce training costs
  • Allow employees to search, book and attend training events online
  • Enable managers to find learning activities for their collaborators, track individual progress, assess trainings effectiveness
  • Performance Management
  • Ensure alignment of individual objectives with corporate goals and strategy through objective sharing and cascading
  • Automate the performance processes by enabling employees and their supervisors to set yearly objectives, track progress and conduct evaluations via the system
  • Encourage employees and managers to continuously track and gather feedback on progress of individual objectives
  • Provide a collaborative appraisal process, involving multiple participants
  • Define development plans and learning paths to help employees meet and exceed their objectives
  • Career Management & Succession Planning

Provide insight in your organizations’ current talent pool, prepare the talented workforce for new challenges and support your organization in proactively creating a continuous talent pipeline.

  • Identify and develop leadership
  • Ensure continuity on critical roles
  • Identify, compare and prepare successors